Electrical Materials

Linear transfer systems

We offer linear transfer systems that transfer current from a stationary source to linear moving equipment.

These linear transfer systems are used in a variety of applications, such as travelling cranes, loading bridges, container handling equipment, hoists, warehousing equipment monorails and many more.

Our transfer systems are comprised of metallised carbon brushes or shoes that are shrouded in a moulded holder and assembled into a system that runs on a conductor rail.

Industrial linear collectors

We process industrial linear collector materials producing metallised carbon brushes and shoes for this application.

To ensure the optimum material for this application ensuring good conductivity and low friction whether moving or at standstill is achieved through our research and development team, with full analytical and application testing laboratories. We work closely with their customers to develop the latest application market requirements to achieve high performance materials.

Industrial linear systems

We offer fully integrated industrial linear systems with high performance materials encased in a full shrouded assembly.

These systems are used in a host of applications and are designed and developed by working closely with our customers and using the materials expertise from our research and development team. Whether industrial distribution centres to mono rails in fun parks our systems are the trusted choice for reliability and safety.

Working closely with OEM’s we have developed new contact materials and designed carrier systems in line with changing market requirements, we have an understanding of the industry specific needs , opportunities and challenges. Offering a wealth of experience from our material scientists and systems application engineers that work closely with our customers to provide all your system needs.

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