Electrical Materials

Diagnostics and maintenance

We offer a wide range of instruments for diagnosis of the most common problems in rotating machines. We also provide maintenance products from the Martindale Range.

Measuring equipment and accessories

When it comes to the technical maintenance and inspection of machinery we can supply a range of measuring and inspection devices: commutator profilers, stroboscope, digital spring pressure measuring device, along with others.

We supply Martindale products which are suitable for commutator and motor maintenance.

The Martindale product range includes:

  • Abrasives
  • Commutator grinders and undercutters
  • Rotary burs
  • Saws
  • Hand tools
  • Electrical test equipment and other products 

We also offer our brand new MSPro14 Surface Profiler which can not only accurately measure and record surface conditions on commutators and slip rings but also offers:

  • A solid easy to mount sensor that can be fitted to a vast range of holder sizes to cope with extreme environments including vibration
  • Easy to use responsive industrial touch screen
  • Optimised sensor head that can easily be used on Helical Groove slip rings
  • Zero setting light indicators for easy set up
  • Previous Morgan supplied profiler measurements can be stored and combined on MSPro14
  • Extra large memory capacity for data storage and can be edited on the data acquisition box
  • Comes in a robust carrying case including all attachments

For more information on our range of diagnostic equipment please contact us today.