Electrical Materials

Carbon brushes

Morgan Advanced Materials has been manufacturing carbon brushes for over 100 years for applications including steel, mining and BEV. We offer a wide range of high quality carbon brushes designed to achieve improved reliability in motors and generators.

Our electrical carbon brushes are made from low friction conductive carbon materials including copper graphite, silver graphite, natural graphite, electro graphite, resin bonded carbon and pitch bonded carbon.

The combination of this wide range of specialist materials and our highly experienced local technical support network allows us to match brushes and holders to customer equipment for optimum performance with minimal maintenance requirements.

Selecting the correct grade carbon brush is important for commutator performance, maximum brush life, and high motor performance. We manufacture and design many patterns, grades and types of carbon brushes such as SA45, EG236, EG571 and EG251 ensuring the correct carbon brush is available to meet your requirements for your motors or generators, and advice on carbon brush grade selection is given by our technical experts. The benefits to our customers include carbon brushes that can increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs by improving machine reliability and availability.

Morgan offers material grades and brush design to manage all your requirements providing high performance from:

  • Low load running to high current
  • Varying temperatures
  • High to low altitude
  • High to low humidity

Morgan Advanced Materials has electrical carbon grades available to suit all power generation applications and environments, from traditional turbo-alternators using our world-leading grade National® 634 to hydro and wind turbines.

Our carbon brushes are chosen for their consistent reliable electrical performance and low wear rates on motors and generators. They are used in steel processing, mining, power generation, traction and a wide range of general industrial applications all over the world.

For further information on our extensive range of electrical carbon brushes please contact us today.

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