Electrical Materials

Carbon brush holders

We manufacture a wide range of high quality brush holders, designed for use with our carbon brushes, to achieve improved reliability in motors and generators.

We offer a comprehensive range of robust brush holders to go with our carbon brush technology for use in motors and generators for steel processing, mining, power generation, traction and a wide range of general industrial applications.

Our highly experienced local technical support network works closely with customers to select and align brushes and holders for optimum performance in their equipment, and minimal maintenance requirements.

We haves an extensive product portfolio to support your current and future motor and generator requirements including:

The stocked range includes the 'calliper' type double arm holders for simple slip ring applications through to the popular cast body, constant force, RTR type for DC motor duty. Along with this wide range of brush holder products we also offer:

  • Heavy-duty brush holders for large AC slip ring motors and special 'spark plug' style holders for clutch supply applications
  • High-current brush holders for lightning protection and transferring earthing currents from static to rotating components
  • Custom produced brush holders for special applications

Whatever your requirements we will work closely with you to offer an engineered solution.

For further information on our extensive range of brush holders, contact us today.