Electrical Materials

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Energy - power stations and wind turbines

We make a wide range of standard and bespoke design high reliability electrical components suitable for use in power stations.

Our capabilities include, carbon brushes, holders, slip rings, terminal blocks and AEGIS® SGR™ rings. Our products are used typically in turbo generators and for bearing protection.

The excitation current for the generator is transferred to steel collector rings by means of a sliding electrical contact using carbon brushes. The sliding contact speeds on these turbo-alternators are some of the highest for any carbon brush application in industry, with speeds up to 4,800 meters per minute or 81 meters per second.

Whether driven by gas, coal, oil, wind, water or nuclear energy, there is a common feature to most power stations - the carbon brush. World-wide, Morgan’s National® 634 is the preferred choice for these applications.

Morgan’s National® electrical carbon grade 634 is a world renowned graphite grade. It is the preferred grade specified by turbine generator original equipment manufacturers and power plants around the globe. The low friction, consistent contact drop and good brush life make grade 634 a superior product. More importantly, grade 634 is gentle to collector rings to minimise the need for collector ring maintenance.

National® grade 634 benefits:

World renowned graphite grade designed for use on high speed collector rings

Leading material in the power gen industry for over 60 years

  • OEM grade of choice
  • Friendly to slip rings
  • Designed for speeds of up to 16,000 ft/min
  • Low friction
  • Low contact drop

To maximise performance of your turbine generators, specify National® grade 634 carbon brushes.

Morgan also offers a plug-in holder for off line brush change. Considering output continuity and health and safety, Morgan offers a plug-in designed brush holder for replacing brushes off line.

Hydro power stations

Morgan also offers a large portfolio of components for Hydro applications. These include both OEM specification and upgraded products to enhance machine performance. Our products include:

  • Carbon brushes in a range of grades to cover all generator applications.
  • Power slip rings
  • Power and earth brush holders, together with full cage assemblies
  • AEGIS® shaft grounding rings for bearing and pump seal protection

Morgan works closely with its customers to develop engineered solutions to optimise brush performance, improve reliability and reduce the potential for unplanned generator downtime.

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