Rotary Transfer Slip Rings

We offer a wide range of slip ring transmitters, often called rotary joints or transfer systems.

These are designed to transfer current, electrical signals or other media from a fixed part to one that is continuously rotating and are used in designs that require a rotational movement of more than 360° without the hindrance of a drag chain.

A slip ring transmitter usually consists of a slip ring assembly and a current collector, often with an additional covering.

We offer a range of slip rings for totray transfer systems such as:

  • Space insulated single slip rings
  • Slip ring module systems (SM)
  • Single slip rings with insulation rings (SER)
  • Slip rings with insulation discs (SES)
  • Slip ring plate system pancake (SP)

 To see how we can help you integrate our slip rings into your application, contact our sales engineers today.