Distributors / Rotary Joints

We engineer complete high performance media distributors, rotating unions and rotary joints for a wide range of applications offering media distributors and hybrid rotary distributors.

With our range of modular Rekofa products and our expertise in the design and manufacture of rotary transfer systems, we are able to design and manufacture complete rotary unions to meet specific customer requirements.

A rotary union provides a seal between a stationary supply pipe and a rotating part such as a drum, cylinder, or spindle, to permit the flow of a fluid into and/or out of a rotating part.

Fluids typically used with rotary joints and rotating unions include heat transfer media and fluid power media such as steam, water, thermal oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolants.

We have designed rotary unions and joints for applications including welding, turntables and robots used within car manufacturing automation, crawler excavators within construction machinery, turntable ladders and slewing cranes used withinvehicles and reel splicers used within textiles.

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