Wind Power

We design and manufacture a wide range of compact, lightweight, high reliability power generation systems with slip rings, carbon brushes and holders and high performance rotary transfer systems for reliable data transmission in challenging conditions ideal for use in wind turbines, for power generation, pitch control, lightning protection and earthing systems.

Rotary transfer systems are developed through our decades of experience in global markets. Depending on customer requirements each modular system includes either advanced, slip rings, wire systems, metal contacts, metal-graphite brushes or other components engineered to suit any wind application.

  • A lifetime of up to 20 years or 200 million rotations
  • Up to 5 years free maintenance and lubrication
  • Data transmission capacity up to 400Mbit/s
  • Shock and vibration resistance.
  • Hybrid systems utilising wire systems and metal-graphite brushes
  • Fibre optic rotary joints up to 1Gbit/s 

For power generation in wind turbines we offer engineered solutions designed to optimise generator performance for virtually any type of climate, it is important to select materials formulated to maximise film formation between brush and slip rings, since that film is critical for extended brush life, protected slip-ring surfaces and reduced friction.

We can engineer customised parts and complete bespoke systems to help customers overcome design challenges and optimise the output, performance and reliability of their turbine designs.

Our experience in the wind energy market spans more than 30 years. For more information about our expertise in rotary transfer systems and wind generator systems for this sector, please contact us today.